The secret ingredient is always love – how it sounds is how delicious it is! And that secret is none other than “Love.”
While exploring various career paths from Fashion to Finance, I never felt at home until that awakening moment when I found my true calling – creating and manufacturing my specialties over the years: vegetable dips and flavored oils.
As a seven-year-old girl, I was always the curious one in our home kitchen, fascinated with creating recipes. I felt both thrilled and grateful for my immature creations back then, with my mom always being my biggest supporter. From then to now, it's been an interesting journey. I continue to find love in cooking, exploring, presenting, and feeding, expressing deep gratitude to everyone around me.
Creativity is a god-given gift, and my passion for cooking is a consistent practice I've pursued. Crafting food with gratitude builds the energy that empowers our body and soul to heal on a much deeper level. I strongly believe that food is a powerful tool to heal our entire body and nervous system. Making wise choices and using healthy food products can add significant value to our lives.
These dips and oils aren't simple; they add substantial nutritional value to our bodies with flavors infused with my special spices and cooking formations, boasting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting properties.
In the kitchen, while producing these dips and oils, the energy inside me is full of love, peace, and joy, transferring to everyone consuming these. Share your experiences when you feel happy and healed after tasting these dips and oils.
I was thrilled to explore exclusive ways to enjoy fresh vegetables through this form of art. Food is my love language, and through my craftsmanship, I transfer that energy to you in the form of love.
Taking life for granted, COVID-19 reminded us how important it is to prioritize our health, family, and self-care. Resetting our system is the first step to evolution.
In our day-to-day hustle between home and work-life balance, it's a struggle to be mindful of managing the quality and nutrition of the food we consume. It hit me hard when I had my second child, struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing life balance.
My mind would always seek food products that add nutritional value to our daily meals, along with great taste. Who doesn't want a tasty meal at the end of the day after hustling all day?
Ta-da! I made it happen with a dedicated year of experiments, tastings, and perfecting the recipes.

After years of educating myself on superfoods for healing the body and optimal health, my journey began after spending years in high-stress corporate industries. That's when I decided to make health a priority and educate myself on health and nutrition.
The properties in these foods are simply unbelievable. Using fresh Turmeric root as a healing ingredient, fresh Aloe Vera fillet, and fresh ginger root as prime ingredients while creating these dips was a feeling of abundance in adding healing to your family along with mine. Together we build a healthy village.
Through further research, I found that Pure avocado oil can be foundationally a great addition to our day-to-day diet, and I chose to work with the best oils in the world – Pure avocado oil.
“Food is a form of medicine” we put in our bodies every day, so it's better to be pure and authentic. It is empowering to take control over our health choices and have a purpose to serve the community as my own family, preserving the recipes of years, committing myself single-mindedly to not give up on the dream I saw.

What my friends and family say about me: she taught us to infuse our life and food with the same values of patience, integrity, and honesty. No shortcuts.